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Practical information

Where to change your money, where to buy your maps, when the shops are open (and closed), how much you should expect to pay for a taxi, restaurant opening times, what clothes to wear at different times of the year: a wealth of practical information for day-to-day survival in Finland. LINK

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Summer in Finland - Refreshingly Different

Summer in Finland: long, warm, days of sunshine shimmering across harbours, lakes and waterfronts. The beautiful weather invites everyone to make the most of the wonderful outdoors. There is activity everywhere, with festivals of song and dance staged across the country that make the most of the long light evenings…

Lake Kermajärvi in Heinävesi

Lake Kermajärvi in Heinävesi - source

A summer visit to Finland brings a new meaning to a holiday. Surround yourself with nature at its purest, cleanest, most vibrant and spectacular. Relax on the deck of your country cottage, right by the water’s edge. The sauna beckons after a quiet day with rowing boat and fishing rod. There’s cold beer to sip and fresh fish to grill for supper. The sun sinks low but barely sets, giving you the perfect excuse to sit and enjoy the long, warm and peaceful evenings.

Summer activities


Winter activities

Ski Centres in Finland: from the Alpine ski slopes of Arctic Lapland to the well-marked cross country tracks in every part of the country, from the reindeer and snowmobile safari adventures to snowboarding and ice hotels, when it comes to snow, Finland is as cool as it gets.