The first written sample of the Slovenian language are believed to be the Freising manuscripts (Brizinski spomeniki), which date back to around 1000 CE. The language in literature emerged in 16th century, when the first books : Catechism (Katekizem) and Abecedarium (Abecednik) were printed by Primoz Trubar.

Now the Slovenian language is spoken by about 2 million speakers and is one of the official languages of the European Union.

Some common expressions. There are some special letters in Slovene alphabeth:

č [reads: CH] š [reads: SH] ž [reads: J without D]

Good day Dober dan
How are you ? (informal) Kako se imaš?
Bye Adijo!
Good bye Nasvidenje!
Cheers! Na zdravje!
Beer Pivo
Lucky journey! Srečno pot!

Useful phrases in Slovenian: (AUDIO) (PDF)

Slovene Audio