The brand characteristics of Slovenians tell a story of Slovenes people who work passionately for what they care about. While Slovenian are similar to the citizens of other nations in many respects, however, they are also different in many ways. One of the differences is their language, which is spoken by just over two million people. However, most Slovenian, however, can speak several foreign languages.

One of distinct features of the Slovenian national character is their decided individualism; however, at the same time Slovenian have a deep sense of belonging to their society, country and, naturally, the family; this also extends to feelings attached to the local environment. At the same time, they are open to good things from elsewhere, good ideas, good people and, consequently, diversity, which is one of conditions for a secure future.

Generally, Slovenian describe themselves as industrious, honest, a bit jealous, good singers who enjoy a good glass of wine, perhaps a bit on the melancholic side and with a slight propensity for extremism.

However, Slovenian are marked with another characteristic, that of self-destructiveness. Experts see the latter as a result of a combination of aggressiveness and introversion. This can be seen in the large number of suicides, alcoholism and traffic accidents. Sadly, we rank among the most dangerous drivers in Europe, we are the ninth in the world for suicide incidences, and we count are among the thirstier Europeans. Despite these dark statistics, we can see from talking with the increasing numbers of foreign visitors to Slovenia that Slovenian are still very open to foreigners, kind and hospitable as e. Their experience is mostly positive.