Slovakia and mainly Bratislava is becoming well known in Europe for its hospitality, good restaurants and clubs. Partyslava is new name for Bratislava as capital city of SVK that was advertised on MTV and CNN last year. But if you want to see other parts of SVK, you may enjoy your stay in one of new sport areas, one is situated in Poprad. It is a modern aqua park with disco and the biggest laser show in central Europe. But it is really hard to speak about entertainment, because if you are interested in sports you would seek for different kind of amusement than person who prefers traditional culture. On the one hand you can spend a beautiful night in one of the operas or theatres; on the other hand you can visit Vysoke Tatry Mountain. It depends only on you and Slovakia has got a lot to offer. It is a "little big country".

Slovak National Theatre

Slovak National Theatre - source

Interesting places

For a small country, Slovakia has an amazing number of 300 castles. Take your choice from evocative ruins on a cliff overlooking a river (Devin and Orava), to fairy-tale perfect where knightly games are re-enacted (Bojnice), or ghostly remains of the largest walled fortress in Central Europe (Spis), and even refined chateaux/manor houses with elegant parks and gardens (Betliar, Strazky). Or explore perfectly preserved medieval and Renaissance towns, walk cobblestone streets and imagine the merchants and craftsmen who lived there hundreds of years ago. Many Slovak towns rose to wealth more than 500 years ago, then dropped out of sight and off the path of progress. Such was the fate of Bardejov, Banska Stiavnica, Levoca, Kezmarok, Spisska Sobota and others, places frozen in time. The mountains, and pristine natural areas of Slovakia have long been considered the nation’s main attraction by tourists from neighboring countries. The High Tatras are the Alps of the East; a chain of picturesque, snow-covered peaks. And the High Tatras are just the beginning. Whether you hike, ski, climb or simply gaze at them, the beauty of Slovakia’s mountains will remain with you after you return home.

Spis Castle

Spis Castle - source

Main and minor maps of Slovakia contains interactive general map of country and other small maps of reservation mountains and national parks of this land.

If you are interested in holiday resorts (spas, lakes, mountains), this is an essential source, with lots of famous places for relaxation and vacation.


Panorama_High_Tatras_from_Poprad - source

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