Today Italy has one national language, which is "Italian". In Italy, some other languages are also spoken. Over the centuries many regional languages have developed are considered as modern Italian. Just as, Milanese, which is spoken near the city of Milan, Neapolitan which is spoken near Naples, Sicilian which is spoken on Sicily.

Italian is the official language of Italy, and 93% of population are native Italian speakers. Around 50% of population speak a regional dialect as their mother tongue. Many dialects are mutually unintelligible and although considered by linguists as separate languages, are not officially recognised. Friulian, one of these dialects, is spoken by 600,000 people in the north east of Italy, which is 1% of the entire population. Other northern minority languages include Ladin, Slovene, German, which enjoys equal recognition with Italian in the province of Alto-Adige, and French, which is legally recognised in the Alpine region of the Val d’Aosta. Albanian is spoken by 0.2% of the population, mainly in the southern part of Italy, as too are Croatian and Greek. Catalan is spoken in one city, Alghero, on the island of Sardinia, by around 0.07% of the population. On the rest of the island, Sardinian is spoken by over 1m, which comes to 1.7% of the Italian population. - Italy country profile

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