How to do business in Ireland

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Shake hands with new or casual acquaintances when meeting and departing. Don’t go overboard — the Irish are not physically demonstrative.

Men should refrain from being too physically demonstrative with women

„How are you?" is a popular casual greeting, particularly between individuals who have already established a cordial acquaintance; as an answer just „hello" will do.


Be prompt, but give your Irish counterpart the leeway to be late.

Avoid appointments in July or August (vacations), and around holidays.


Many Irish are ambivalent about wealth. Excessive financial displays are frowned upon, except to charities. A favourite Irish pastime is to find out as much as possible about strangers while revealing little about oneself. Discussions tend to be lengthy. Short answers are interpreted as brusque. There is no shame for the Irish in missing a delivery date.


Most Irish look forward to chatting with friends and strangers alike over a pint of Guinness or a cup of tea. Be ready to buy a round.

Business lunches are more common than dinners.

On making appointments, topics suitable for conversation, gifts, you may consult:

The Irish value stylish behaviour. They prefer a cultured style, they like elegance and grace.

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