Estonia has joined the Schengen agreement, which means that you can enter on a European Union Schengen visa and there are no longer any ID/passport controls on the EU borders. More than 30 other nationals (including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Japan) can enter Estonia without a visa (detailed list at Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

A growing number of foreign visitors have been travelling to Estonia in recent years. According to Statistics Estonia the nation’s statistical agency, 1.3 million foreigners visited the country in 2000, and that number had climbed 38% to 1.8 million foreigners by 2005.

The 20 largest cities: Tallinn , Harjumaa , Tartu , Tartumaa , Narva , Ida-Virumaa , Kohtla-Ja"rve , Ida-Virumaa , Pa"rnu , Pa"rnumaa , Viljandi , Vilandimaa , Rakvere , La"a"ne-Virumaa , Sillama"e , Ida-Virumaa , Maardu , Harjumaa , Kuressaare , Saaremaa,

Most visitors head first to Tallinn’s old city, and rightly so. Tallin is the best-known tourist attraction of Estonia. Due to its history and well-preserved architecture Tallinn has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site (1997). It’s one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved old cities, and is considered one of the main jewels in the Estonian crown. Other interesting sights are towns of Tartu, Narva, Haapsale, Hiiumaa. In Estonia there is abundance of national parks, for example Lahemaa National Park where those keen on nature holidays will find various hiking trails, nature trails, guided manor tours and horseback riding excusions available.

Tallinn, City Walls, Fat Margaret Tower

Tallinn, City Walls, Fat Margaret Tower - source

There are also marked bicycle routes leading to sights of natural beauty and historical buildings. You will also find recreation areas with places for campfire, shelters and other necessary amenities, as well as archaic-romantic huts and old farm houses for overnight stays. A hike in a bog will definitely be an unforgettable experience: by walking along a safe boardwalk you can enjoy untouched primeval nature.

Estonia is country of extraordinary grandeur with expansive landscapes, crystal clear lakes, deep rivers, and lush green forests. Everywhere you look, you will be able to witness the blessed beauty of nature encompassing this unique country in the continent of Europe.

As far as the nightlife in Estonia is concerned, there are several entertaimemt spots in the main cities. In order to feel the warmth and heat of Estonian nightlife in Estonia, you should visit one or more of these clubs. They are: Moskva, Amigo, Decolte, Bon-Bon, Hollywood, Bonnie & Clyde, Terrarium, Havana Club, Venus Club, and several others. Apart from the nightclubs and bars, there are many casinos in Estonia, located in different cities. Some of the more famous ones include: Casino Admiral, Bally’s Casino, Olympic Casino, Casino London, and Casino Astoria-Palace.

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