Virtual Mobility 101 Course - ARCHIVES


Virtual mobility (VM) 101 was an introductory course to virtual mobility for students. The project was started in 2008 and the first course launched in February 2010.


Who was it for?

The course was designed for students with a taste for (virtual) travelling. Especially to those interested in virtual Erasmus: taking one or more courses from a university outside their country. 



What were the aims?

The course was designed to enable students to:

  • virtually travel to other countries;
  • taste virtual mobility;
  • raise intercultural awareness;
  • access the Cultural Survival Kit: a wiki on European culture and languages;
  • test their knowledge of their own country and other countries (in Europe );
  • gain confidence in intercultural dialogue;
  • learn how to adapt ways of communicating to interactions in multicultural situations;
  • learn and apply rules of online communication.

THE promotional video is available here:

THE Virtual Mobility 101 Course is now CLOSED and these are the ARCHIVES